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make me choose between two things.

fandoms: Demi Lovato, Skins and The Vampire Diaries

June 29
 Rebelde + Brigas

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Celebrities I  !
-►Maite Perroni

"I try not to live up to people’s expectations. It’s hard cause there is a lot of pressure on you as an artist, as a pop artist.. To look a certain way, or to act a certain way, and your music to sound a certain way. Sometimes I feel like the more I try to please other people, the less I’m myself. So what I’ve learned over the past few years is to just be who I am. And if people don’t like it, fuck it.”

Show me a hero and I’ll write you a t r a g e d y.

Welcome back Ric!

I feel like I’ve been crying since the day that my parents died. My life it’s – it’s like a never ending funeral. (…) All the hurt, I feel like it’s trying to explode out of me.